Crazy Rich Asian Tour

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To the unsuspecting tourist, Singapore may appear to be just like any other modern, innovative, and prosperous city, but don’t fooled. Singapore has hidden class of crazy rich elites.

This tour takes you into the best-kept secrets about Singapore as mentioned in the book. From Tyersall Park to Kingsford Hotel, find out where these locations are and spend a day listening to the gossips and the crazy rich tales of Singapore, the country that has one of the highest density of millionaires in the world.

Visit the film locations and recreate the same poses as the characters from the movie!

  • 'Goh Peik Lin's Home'
  • "Star Trek House" and the $300 million home
  • The Secret Club and Colonial Black and White houses
  • Newton Circus Hawker Centre
  • The Wedding - Colin Khoo and Araminta Lee
  • Marina Bay Sands / Michael and Astrid's quarrel / Colonial Club
  • Chinatown "Bak Bak B*tch" Cafe
  • The Wedding Dinner - Gardens By The Bay
  • ABM - Luxury Car Vending Mechine

Vellfire + Pickup & Drop Off
Merc e250 + Pickup & Drop Off
Bentley + Pickup & Drop Off
Rolls-Royce + Pickup & Drop off

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